Humanism Reflective Pieces, Rotation D


We created a collage. Below is the explanation of our collage.

Our collage aims to juxtapose the information captured in daily SOAP notes with the essence of who our patients are and what they are experiencing during their hospital visit. The black and white soap note is short and concise and contains mostly objective information. These notes are written hastily very early in the morning as we try to complete our daily round on around 20 patients before the operations begin at 8:00am. The surrounding colourful images depict the essence of our patients – their fears, thoughts, beliefs about their health and healthcare, the importance of religion in their lives, their careers, families and loved ones. The food represents their lack of control over what they can eat every day and the types of food offered in the hospital versus the food they could cook at home. The makeup represents how patients like to express themselves and present themselves in public and how they are limited in their self-expression in the hospital.

Nathalie Loeb and Bishoy Lawendy