Humanism Reflective Piece – Rita Gustainis

For my reflective piece I chose to use a photo I took on a walk I would often do while commuting to work. A lot of the discussion during the humanism workshop was on the concept of time. Taking a step back and spending that extra time with a patient. In these moments you slow down and think about the bigger picture instead of all the small things that each of us go through every day that can build to overwhelm us to lose sight of what we are really there to do.  I think this photo represents taking a step back, becoming aware of your surroundings, and fully being in the moment. It is a reminder that when we are the most stressed and feel like we don’t have the time those are the moments we need to try harder to be in the moment. Those will be the patient interactions that are fruitful, memorable, and therapeutic.

Rita Gustainis